Copyright (Take Down Request)

Zuiqemoll takes great pride in our commitment to our fans and communities. Our aim is to offer custom-designed products by fans to a global audience. While we collaborate with freelance designers worldwide and rigorously review design submissions before listing them in our store, we acknowledge the possibility of discrepancies in the authenticity of some artworks. If you identify any content on our website that belongs to you and can substantiate your claim, we will promptly remove it within 24 hours and provide appropriate credit.

Copyright Law safeguards the expression of an original concept captured in a tangible medium, encompassing artworks like photographs or paintings, as well as literary pieces such as poems or narratives.

Trademark Law protects the utilization of words, symbols, designs, or logos that distinguish and identify the source of goods.

Publicity Rights safeguard an individual’s name, image, and likeness. In essence, this means exploiting someone’s identity for commercial gains without their authorization is prohibited.

If you suspect that your content has been utilized in a manner that infringes upon your rights, kindly inform Zuiqemoll via our designated email: [email protected]. Please submit a Notice and Takedown Report, ensuring to include the following crucial details:

  • A link to the content infringing upon your rights.
  • Evidence of your artwork (this could be a webpage or other relevant materials).
  • Your Name & Contact Information.

Please title your email: TAKEDOWN REPORT.

Contact Email: [email protected]